'Iwaz Khalji, Sultan Ghiyas al-Din

'Iwaz Khalji, Sultan Ghiyas al-Din
   After 'Ali Mardan was killed by the Khalji officers present at Lakhnauti (1211), they raised 'Iwaz Khalji to the position of a ruler with the royal title Sultan Ghiyas al-Din. Taking advantage of Iltutmish's pre-occupations in the northwest, 'Iwaz extended his sway toward Bihar, Jajnagar, Tirhut, and Kamurp. When Iltutmish marched to Bengal in 1225, Iwaz submitted to him; but as soon as Iltutmish retired from there, 'Iwaz reverted to his earlier defiance of Delhi's authority. Sometime around 1230, while 'Iwaz was busy in investing a small fort in the vicinity of his capital, an army headed by Iltutmish's son, Nasir al-Din Mahmud, the governor of Awadh, occupied Lakhnauti. He subsequently captured 'Iwaz and executed him.

Historical dictionary of Medieval India. . 2011.

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